Glitterati publishes “Radiographic: X-Ray Photo Inventions by Steve Miller”

Steve Miller’s innovative artistic experiments merge X-ray imagery with the complex beauty of nature. In RADIOGRAPHIC, we see this fascinating technique in book form. A large part of Miller’s work has been devoted to walking the line to the intersection of art and science. Working with scientific equipment including electron microscopes, X-rays, MRI machines, and even Rorschach blots, Miller examines natural subjects (and man-made ones, too) through an xray technology that results in astonishingly beautiful representational and abstract pictures. Admired equally by scientists with whom he has worked at establishments like New York’s Brookhaven National Laboratory; art curators who have exhibited and/or written about his work, like The National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC and essayist Peter Schieldahl; as well as

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