George Harrison’s Son, Dhani And Thenewno2, Rapper El-P, Lawrence Arabia, More

In 12 years of recording All Songs Considered, co-host Robin Hilton has never seen Bob Boilen boogie in the studio quite like he did while making this week's show. Listen and you'll hear why. We also find out which song Sean Rowe's "Horses" reminded Bob of on our summer music preview.

After a month of guest DJs, previews and other special shows, Bob and Robin are back with a good ol' fashioned mix of picks for this week's essential listening. Hear a new song from New Zealand's Lawrence Arabia and a cut from Robin's favorite new discovery, the French-Finnish duo, The Dø. Plus, an entrancing track by George Harrison's son Dhani Harrison and his band Thenewno2, and some melodic slide guitar in a new cut from the band Delicate Steve.

Finally, Bob and Robin discuss some of the surprises in the ongoing summer search for The Albums Everyone Can Love, and make confident predictions about how this week's poll will turn out.


Lawrence Arabia

Artist: Lawrence Arabia

Album: Sparrow


Artist: Thenewno2

Album: Thefearofmissingout

Song: Station (featuring Holly Marilyn)

Delicate Steve

Artist: Delicate Steve

Album: Positive Force

Song: Afria Talks To You

The Dø

Artist: The Dø

Album: Both Ways Open Jaws Extended

Song: The Wicked & the Blind


Artist: El-P

Album: Cancer4Cure

Song: For My Upstairs Neighbor (Mums the Word)


Artist: Jaill

Album: Traps

Song: Madness

Nick Drake

Artist: Nick Drake

Album: Pink Moon

Song: Pink Moon


The White Stripes

Artist: The White Stripes

Album: White Blood Cells

Song: Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

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