Galerie Parisa Kind opens exhibition of recent work by Mike Bouchet

Mike Bouchet's recent series of “Colachrome” paintings are made with his self produced Diet Cola. Though the works cover a range of themes, what Bouchet is primarily working with is the immaterial cultural fabric that ties all of these themes together. Bouchet's works are never didactic gestures, nor are they ironic or condescending. The criticality of his perspective is tempered by the empathy and humor of his approach. His work displays a heightened sensitivity and awareness of the myriad ways in which we are both the passive and active agents of mass corporate culture. Rather than turn his back to it, however, he quite literally jumps into this sea, and swims in its relentless tide of materials, formal qualities and immaterial notions found in its larger waves for relevant creative and critical inspiration. It can be argued that the history of human

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