Fridman Gallery opens an exhibition of works by Phill Niblock

Fridman Gallery is presenting a solo exhibition of the iconic composer, experimental filmmaker, and photographer Phill Niblock. ​Working Photos ​ compiles still photography, video, and minimalist sound works created all over the world throughout his six-decade career. The gallery features many of Niblock’s photographs scored by his drone compositions, editioned prints of his images from around the world, and layered photographs and video works such as ​Light Patterns, ​ a series of high-contrast black and white slides that slowly dissolve into one another, suggesting the fluidity of memory and place. The gallery will also screen his videos including ​The Magic Sun ​ (1966) featuring Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra,​ ​ a 1986 collaborative video project with Arthur Russell, as well as works featuring Rhodri Davies, and Max Neuhaus. His series, ​Anecdotes (Stories f

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