Rarely have the legal and the art worlds collided. Until now.

Cue Randall Kallinen. His year-old, eponymous gallery on Houston%26rsquo;s gritty east side is a law office by day, an art space on weekends. Now Kallinen mounts his first show that speaks directly to his practice as an abogado representing civil rights cases: %26ldquo;Extra! Extra!%26rdquo; opens this weekend (Saturday, August 31, 7 pm) with considerable bravado, including a live news conference featuring lightning-rod reporter Wayne Dolcefino at 7:30 pm. The connecting motif among the 40-plus (mostly) underknown visualists serving up artworks %26mdash; a confrontation of the media%26rsquo;s morphing role in news delivery. Highly recommended: For those in town this weekend, the show promises to deliver both a sideshow as well as charged content of police brutality, its translation into the courtroom, and the press%26rsquo; role in inflating or ignoring the story. Not since Lawndale back in the day %26mdash; Kallinen Contemporary%26rsquo;s raw, scrappy, cavernous and historic interiors possess an authenticity and power reminiscent of that art space in its original form %26mdash; have we had artists running wild with such provocation (including the proprietor himself, Se%26ntilde;or Kallinen). Kallinen Contemporary, 511 Broadway, 713.320.3785.


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