First solo exhibition of Japanese artist Makoto Aida in Hong Kong opens at Galerie Perrotin

Galerie Perrotin presents the first solo exhibition of Japanese artist Makoto Aida in Hong Kong. The centerpiece for Aida’s inaugural exhibition with Galerie Perrotin is “Comet-chan” a new sculpture of a lithe, scantily-clad adolescent girl with a copy of the original fifteenth-century Gutenberg Bible in her left hand, and a page from that bible in her right hand, poised to wipe the remnants of a glowing pink turd protruding from her backside. According to Aida, the girl is an extraterrestrial being from outer space who had a sudden urge to relieve herself while passing over Earth, metamorphosing herself — somewhat ineptly — into a fluttery, doe-eyed human girl before chancing upon a copy of the Gutenberg Bible that she haplessly turns into toilet paper. Fusing a Rabelaisian love of bawdy humor and eschatological references with allusions to the otherworldly settings of Japanese

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