First large-scale overview of Chuck Close’s work in Australia opens

Bringing together over 200 works Chuck Close: Print, Process and Collaboration is the first large-scale overview of the artist's work in Australia. Chuck Close is one of the most important figures in the realms of painting and printmaking over the past 40 years and both the general public and a more specialised art audience admire his practice equally. Terrie Sultan, curator of the exhibition and Director of the Parrish Museum, Water Mill, New York, has worked in close collaboration with the artist to bring together all of the highpoints of Close’s works with printmaking since 1972. In addition, Close has just completed a masterful new 84-colour woodcut Self-Portrait (2014) in time to be included in the exhibition. The exhibition also coincides with a reprinting and updating of the book Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration which provides a rich source of information on Chuck’s prints and

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