Export Bar placed on Renaissance casket in a bid to keep it in UK

Arts Minister Michael Ellis has placed a temporary export bar on a 16th century marquetry casket from the historic Newbattle Abbey, Scotland, in a bid to keep it in the country. The treasure, considered one of the most important early pieces of South German furniture in the country, is at risk of being lost unless a buyer can be found to match the £750,000 asking price. Created in 1565, the German Renaissance casket features engraved ivory and bone panels and gilded metalwork. It is believed to be one of the earliest known pieces of German ‘Kunstkammer’ furniture in existence. The concept of the Kunstkammer or ‘cabinet of curiosities’ first emerged in the 16th century to showcase precious, rare and exotic objects to display the owner’s status and scholarship. The casket is a rare, dated example

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