Exhibition presents a selection of over 50 works by Yale University’s 2017 MFA Photography graduates

Casemore Kirkeby is presenting Doublespeak, a selection of over fifty new works by Yale University’s 2017 MFA Photography graduates. The exhibition features work by Farah Al Qasimi, Bek Andersen, Lance Brewer, Harry Griffin, Matthew Leifheit, Walker Olesen, Res, Anna Shimshak, Danna Singer, and Chau Tran, who explore moments between fact and fiction, evidence and artifice, through the medium of photography. Operating within a unique two-year span of unprecedented American politics and media coverage, the artists contend with a new age of documentary anxiety in which truth, consequence, and reality bend under the weight of perceived emotional authenticity. As the title suggests, Doublespeak engages with the distortion of meaning, and within this context the photograph serves as a historical vehicle

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