Exhibition of works by Michelle Grabner opens at Gallery 16

Gallery 16 announced their seventh exhibition with Michelle Grabner. With a career spanning over 30 years, Michelle Grabner has dedicated herself to identifying, indexing, and transposing patterns. Grabner Gingham is comprised of a series of large-scale oil on burlap paintings. After a decade-long hiatus, the artist is discovering a new relationship to the gingham pattern outside the realm of domesticity. “The gingham paintings are a head on embrace of the cliché, the big, beautiful, and all too general idea that [the pattern] is both overused yet sturdy in its unfailing predictability," Grabner explains in an interview with ART21. Another significant variation in this series, Grabner chose to work in oil paints. The departure from water-based paints in many ways mirror the shift away from domesticity. “My painting then was comprised of re-articulating the

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