Exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by American artist Elizabeth Neel opens at Pilar Corrias

The People, the Park, the Ornament is an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by American artist, Elizabeth Neel. Visual studies in controlled chaos, the works display Neel’s continued interest in the theme of the psychological undercurrent and friction between the individual and the “landscape”, be it natural, urban, ideological or emotional. Neel sources anonymous images via the Internet that reflect a ‘specific real world subject matter’. The ‘specific’ that Neel references can range from the texture of a feather, to the luminosity of an x-ray, to the flatness of an evolutionary diagram. There is an exuberant brutality in the gestural rendering of the work as well as in its dealings with the abjection of nature and death. The intensity of pigments recalls both bodily fluids and manufactured substitutes for natural phenomena. In this particular group of works, Neel makes use of

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