Exhibition of charcoal drawings by Gonzalo Fuenmayor opens at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Dolby Chadwick Gallery announces a new exhibition of charcoal drawings by the Colombian-born, Miami-based artist Gonzalo Fuenmayor. His 2013 début show at DCG garnered critical raves for its deft exploration of culture clash and hybrid mashup, reflecting the artist’s concerns since 1998, when he moved to the U.S. to attend art school. In New York, he became so conscious of his outsider status that, in what he calls an attempt at ‘self-exoticization’—becoming defiantly Colombian—he made so many drawings of tone of his country’s chief exports—one with a tragic colonialist history— that fellow students dubbed him “the banana man.” The eclectic mixing of cultures by Fuenmayor and other immigrants has become more common in the intervening years, as demographic change has darkened the composite national complexion. The works from the show three

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