Exhibition of 2 contemporary European artists opens at Mother Studios in London

The work in this exhibition is presented together as a dialogue of imaginations and experiences. Zoe Toms shows delicate sculptures and drawings, some of which can be also seen in her accompanying animations. Heike Lydia Gruess exhibits drawings with a focus on the human psyche and characteristics of people. Not all is what it seems, with suggestions of underlying dark themes, hints of humour and tragedy, the pieces become tales of their own. Bonn based artist Zoe Toms explained: “I work on memories from childhood and growing up in England, exploring feelings towards home, relationships and belonging. My art is made up of many layers, with regards to time, in subject and how it is constructed. I use the human figure to express myself, especially the female form, which is something that is continuous through my work. Each sculpture, drawing, and animation has many

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