Exhibition explores how jewelry acts upon and activates the body it adorns

What is jewelry? Why do we wear it? What meanings does it convey? On view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the exhibition Jewelry: The Body Transformed traverses time and space to explore how jewelry acts upon and activates the body it adorns. This global conversation about one of the most personal and universal of art forms brings together some 230 objects drawn almost exclusively from The Met collection. A dazzling array of headdresses and ear ornaments, brooches and belts, necklaces and rings created between 2600 B.C.E. and the present day are being shown along with sculptures, paintings, prints, and photographs that enrich and amplify the many stories of transformation that jewelry tells. “Jewelry is one of the oldest modes of creative expression—predating even cave painting by tens of thousands of years—and the urge to adorn ourselves is now nearly universal,” commented Max

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