Exhibition at Moderna Museet addresses the issue of art and technology from a variety of perspectives

For Mud Muses – A Rant About Technology, 19 artists and artist groups from all over the world have been invited to address the issue of art and technology from a variety of perspectives, including cyber-feminism, textile punk, artificial life forms, and cosmologies at the limit of nature and culture. Mud Muse, Robert Rauschenberg’s performative sculpture from 1968-1971, in which nearly 4,000 kilos of bentonite mud is activated from below by sound waves, is back at Moderna Museet. In the exhibition Mud Muses – A Rant about Technology, the sculpture is joined by a constellation of works that were either produced specifically for the exhibition or created over the past fifty years of technological history, at points in time when the relationship between art and technology has taken a new direction. In 2004, the American science-fiction author

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