Exhibition at Lucy Bell Fine Art features images from 40 years of Rock portraits by Kevin Cummins

From his early work with his hometown bands such as Joy Division and The Smiths, to his later work with Rock legends such as Bowie and Jagger, Cummins has always been acutely aware of the mythological component of the images he created, “If I had simply produced the photos of Joy Division in the studio, it would not have had any meaning. What interested me was to show the environment in which they lived. I was probably more aware than the groups themselves of the myth that the pictures would convey.” The moment the post punk music scene exploded in Manchester with Joy Division and the birth of Factory Records, Kevin Cummins became as integral a factor as any, in creating the legend that was to become MADCHESTER -Kevin Cummins was sometimes more important than the bands. Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) As well as capturing the madness and majesty of performance, Kevin Cummins has always been able to access the vulnerability of the

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