Exhibition at GL Strand presents more than 20 photographs by Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders has long since made his mark as a film-maker and visual artist. With Places, strange and quiet Wenders has assembled a fascinating and unusual series of large-format photographs shot all around the world. From Italy, Japan and Germany to Armenia and the USA, from iconic images of facades and buildings, known and unknown, to panoramic depictions of cities and landscapes, the exhibition presents the grand spectrum of Wenders’ work. The pictures have typically been taken in connection with Wenders’ many travels to participate in film festivals, research and film shootings. They run as an independent track through his artistic career, and show his ability to bring out and underscore the neglected, the spectacular and the unsaid. The exhibition presents more than 20 photographs by the famous film director and artist from the past 30 years. The

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