Exhibition at Deweer Gallery focuses on Jan Fabre’s viewing boxes, thinking models and drawings

In a unique exhibition, Deweer Gallery focuses on the viewing boxes, thinking models and drawings of Jan Fabre, highlighting in this way a very important and consistent part of Fabre’s extensive repertoire. Deweer Gallery has been representing Jan Fabre for 32 years already and has preserved his viewing boxes, thinking models and drawings since the beginning of his career. From his first thinking model ‘La maison de J.F.’ (1977), a rare, utopian design of an aluminum house without a roof, to his later brain drawings (2008) and brain models (2008). The viewing boxes and thinking models are unjustly overlooked within the multifaceted oeuvre of Jan Fabre. They are small three-dimensional objects that provide an insight into the inexhaustible imagination of the artist and visually depict autonomous worlds that subvert the relation (of scale)

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