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Terra Firma: Architecture and Landscape

LuminArte presents an international exhibition of paintings, photography and video ranging from plein air compositions to surreal landscapes and architectural abstractions. This eclectic exhibition of artworks, depicting views of the natural world juxtaposed with cityscapes, opens on May 9th with an artist reception from 7:00 – 10:00PM and runs through June 20th. Artists include Jesus Barranco Mora, Jose Vincent Cascale, Alvin Gill-Tapia, Bonnie Teitelbaum, Al Wildey, Teri Starkweather, Michael Carlyle, Mark Ashton Vey, Norma Drimmer, Judith Seay, Jim Pescott and Richard Vaux. Both the reception and exhibition are free and open to the public.

Based in Valencia, Spain, Jesus Barranco Mora and Jose Vincent Cascale both depict architecture and landscape in vibrant compositions, focused on the more sublime atmospheric elements that create awe inspiring depictions of our modern relationship between civilization and nature. In a similar fashion, Santa Fe artists Alvin Gill-Tapia and Bonnie Teitelbaum explore other stages of this experience, with Gill-Tapia illustrating the sensual, organic nature of Southwester adobe structures, while Teitelbaum embodies landscape through a more abstract expressionist mode, reminiscent of the painterly applications of J.M.W. Turner.

Within the plein air works of Mexico based artist, Michael Carlyle, we find references to Impressionism, expressed through dynamic brushstrokes and vibrant color schemes. Canadian artist, Jim Pescott takes the impressionist style to another level through his “dot paintings,” which are centered on light, shadows and colors; while the brightly hued, textural images by LA artist, Teri Starkweather promote a more serene, elegant vision of nature’s splendor.

As we descend further into abstraction, we find the archetypal landscapes of Richard Vaux. Based in New York, Vaux combines dry media such as charcoal with acrylic to create a vast, surreal horizon, combining elements of a spiritual imagery with grounded portrayals of the physical world. On the other side of the Surrealist spectrum are the animated scenes of British artist, Mark Ashton Vey. Vey began his career in the music industry as the front-man for the band, Rare Bird, which traveled worldwide and opened for such acts as The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. Now living and working in Nice, France, Vey considers his style of painting “Art Musicalism” and has numerous international collectors, including Julian Lennon.

In the abstract photography of Michigan artist, Al Wildey, one can observe the hustle and bustle of modern life, as viewed through the lens of this experienced international photographer. The almost frantic perspective and overlay of imagery makes the architectural subject seem alive, pulsating and filled with movement. Norma Drimmer,a multimedia artist based in Berlin, Germany incorporates similar techniques while utilizing multiple images to form unearthly landscapes, produced by combining detailed forms with distant perspectives.

Dallas artist, Judith Seay is the metallic Matisse of the group, forming transcendental forests of gold and silver leaf. Inspired by natural colors, shapes and textures, Seay loves to combine elements to make a composition that is intriguing and meaningful.


May 09, 2015 to June 20, 2015
12:00pm to 6:00pm


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LuminArté Fine Art Gallery
1727 E. Levee St.
Dallas 75207

(214) 914-4503


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