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Special Interdisciplinary Program

The Pastrana Tapestries: A Celebration in Music, Image and Text
Alberto Pastor, Associate Professor of Spanish linguistics, SMU, will serve as moderator and speak about the medieval town of Pastrana located in the Guadalajara region of Spain.

Pamela A. Patton, Associate Professor of Art History, SMU, will address the ways in which both the artists who created the tapestries and their intended audience envisioned Morocco and the Islamic world in these works of art as well as others of the period.

Alicia Zuese, Assistant Professor of Spanish, SMU, will discuss the illustrated Spanish manuscripts and printed texts that emerged prior to 1600 which paved the way to the emblematic literature of the Golden Age.

Musical interpretations (Spanish, Portuguese and Moorish) will be presented by Ignacio Prego (harpsichord), Mar


February 16, 2012
6:00pm to 8:00pm


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