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Opening Reception for Otis Huband and Trish Nickell

Valley House Gallery is pleased to present the exhibitions “Otis Huband: Recent Work” and “Trish Nickell: Paris to Portland.”

For artist Trish Nickell, a native of Dallas, life took a dramatic turn when she and her husband, David Szafranski, co-founder of Gray Matters Gallery, moved to Paris in 1996. Their planned year in France extended to a stay of 12 years. When they returned in 2008, they settled in Portland, Oregon, influencing Nickell to include views of the Northwest coast along with the French and Italian landscapes and scenes already inspiring her.

She was born in Dallas, and grew up in thePark Cities, graduating from Highland Park High School in 1965. In 1968 Nickell earned a BA from the University of North Texas followed by an MA in 1986 and an MFA in 1988 from The University of Dallas. Independent study with artist John Evans was crucial to her development.

Trish Nickell is an observer. Working in her studio, her paintings depict these observations recorded in her mind’s eye and aided by sketches and photographs taken during her many travels. Her primary attraction to a compositional subject is color, followed by the presence of a place. Nickell’s paintings often focus on nature and architectural details, reflecting her philosophy about the sacredness of the ordinary and the sanctuary that nature can be from our chaotic modern life.

Trish Nickell will give an Artist Talk on Saturday, June 14, at 11:00 am.

Valley House Gallery is honored to present our first exhibition for Houston artist Otis Huband. After a hiatus of over 20 years from regular exhibitions, his work was re-introduced to the art community in 2010 with a 50-year retrospective organized by Bill Reaves. Born in 1933 and reared in Virginia, Huband began his formal art education after 4 years in the Navy. He earned his BFA and MFA at Richmond Professional Institute of the College of William & Mary, now Virginia Commonwealth University. His study of art had just begun. Two years later, Otis and his wife Anne Hite Owen headed off on a freighter to Italy where he studied painting and sculpture at Academia di Belli Arti in Perugia. They made Houston their home when they returned to the US in 1965. Otis taught at the Houston Museum School of Fine Arts and the Art League of Houston for many years, retiring in 1982. Otis works in the studio daily, beginning at his desk in the morning to find inspiration using collage and drawing although Huband states, “a painting is begun with no prior plans or ideas, but rather to find out what will reveal itself once I am involved with it. Inspiration also comes from two yearly trips to Italy and France. About his work, Huband states, I am a full-time artist who works from the inside out rather than from the outside in. I do not try to duplicate reality, but to interpret what I see and create a separate, new and personal reality.”

Otis Huband will give an Artist Talk on Saturday, June 7, at 5:30 pm.

The exhibitions will be on view through July 19, 2014.


June 07, 2014
5:30pm to 8:30pm


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