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No Body, No Evidence, Right? Opening Reception

We are hard-wired to find the human form in everything that we see, finding figures in the clouds or faces in a burned piece of toast. People strive to find a narrative in a non-objective artwork as a means of grounding their experience and relating the image to something physical or recognizable. In LuminArte’s first exhibition of 2015, “No Body, No Evidence, Right?” we explore the ethereal universe of the abstract artist and examine the connection between art and emotion. We analyze whether there is evidence of existence within abstraction or if it is merely a spontaneous reaction to materials. In this eclectic and energetic exhibition, internationally recognized artists like Ron Burkhardt, Irene Neal, Puneeta Mittal, Robin Antar, Paul Lorenz, Keiko Gonzalez, Gina Rossi, John and Elli Milan, Durand Seay, Shawn Man Roland, Carmelo Midili, Bonnie Teitelbaum, Diane Sanborn, Joe MacGown, Cristina de Castro and Steve Smith combine with Texas talent, including Elizabeth Schowachert, Michael Broussard, Antoaneta Hillman, Leanne Venier, Trent Mann, Judith Seay and Awadh Baryoum to challenge the imagination and to inspire reflection on the intangible.
The exhibition opens on January 24th from 7-10PM and runs through March 14th. Several artists will be in attendance in the opening reception; and both the reception and exhibition are free and open to the public. There will also be a sneak preview of the upcoming figurative exhibition, “Mnemosyne.”
Before the advent of Modernism, art focused on the physical, objective world; but the new generation of 20th century artists strived to depict the intangible and the conceptual in a grand departure from the status quo of the academic art establishment. Art became an exploration of the sublime; and often times, art movements preceded scientific discoveries and began to challenge classical systems of thought. The visual arts often progressed hand in hand with philosophical movements as well as developments in literature and in music, as abstraction in art began to evolve into something existential and even spiritual.


January 24, 2015
7:00pm to 10:00pm


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LuminArté Fine Art Gallery
1727 E. Levee St.
Dallas 75207

(214) 914-4503


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