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MARY TOMÁS GALLERY is pleased to present LIGHT RECEIVED and FLUID featuring new paintings by artist Roy Tamboli and 3-D sculptural works by Rick Lazes. The exhibition opens Saturday, March 31, 2018. Reception for the artists is from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

In another life Roy Tamboli would be an astrophysicist or mystic. In this life, however, the Memphis native composes poems with paint and canvas that express the mystery of creation and the continuum of existence. Tamboli describes his process of creating his breakthrough paintings in LIGHT RECEIVED as a metaphysical experience that allow the viewer to escape into doorways of other realms. Timelessness, ceaseless movement and dynamic energy speak to our visible and invisible worlds. “I’m often searching for the supreme commander in my paintings. Although not always that simple, it’s that endless source of life energy, and my interpretation of it, that keeps me stimulated. I want to express the joy of eternal, abundant light with these painted poems. I celebrate optimism and abundance with fearless color and form,” reveals Tamboli.

Roy’s large-scale works on canvas carry the DNA of the environment. Often traveling with his canvases rolled up and un-stretched he will paint in a forest or on a beach where his initial paintings absorb the energy of the land and elements of nature and inform his painting style. Back in the studio Tamboli uses a variety of masking techniques that help him free his mind from logical thinking and allows for accidental shapes and layered color combinations to occur. Embedded in the irrational geometry are personal stories and current emotions that are intellectually intriguing. “Tamboli’s boundless artistic language, depicted in colorful exuberance, dance off the canvas and fill a room with positive energy,” enthuses gallerist Mary Tomás.

The gallery is pleased to introduce a selection of 3-D sculptural works by North Carolina sculptor Rick Lazes, a recent addition to our roster. FLUID showcases a selection of reverse painted, heated and formed Plexiglas 3-D works and bended aluminum sculptures painted in bright colors that Lazes refers to as liquid art. “I create vibrant and sensuous sculptures that are a manifestation of my passion for the shapes and contours found in nature interlaced with the female form. My art evolves around the human figure even when it is abstracted. My goal is to fuse balance with tension, structure with elegance,” explains Rick. Gallery owner, Mary Tomás notes, “Rick Lazes is an extremely talented artist, sculptor, inventor and entrepreneur who harnesses his passion and energy for beauty and the betterment of the world. He expresses endless creativity within the boundaries of the materials he works with. ”

The exhibition LIGHT RECEIVED and FLUID runs through Saturday, May 5, 2018.


March 31, 2018
5:30pm to 8:30pm


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