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Kent Wallis Exploring Plein Air

and experience his exploration en Plein Air
Saturday, May 12th from 1-5 pm

“En plein air” is a French expression that describe the art of outdoor painting, capturing landscapes and views in natural light. Enjoy over 40 small plein air paintings of various landscapes from Utah to Dallas, Texas!

Kent’s superbly executed paintings blend the schools of romantic realism and impressionism. Self-taught, his development as an artist was instinctive, his use of color and composition lend themselves to an incredible beauty which reflects intensity, and yet, a gentle inspirational calm and strength.
“His impressionistic technique lends a spontaneous touch while his palette of bold, vivid color creates an atmosphere of joy. He defines impressionism as ‘catching the fleeting moment in a landscape and putting down quickly on the canvas the impressions that first come to you.’
Though romantic subjects, rich colors, and spontaneous technique are his vehicles for conveying joy, its source is ultimately the artist, himself. Ultimately, the uplifting perspective of his paintings is the harmonious combination of each of these elements coupled with his unceasing drive to capture on canvas the best life has to offer.”


May 12, 2018 to June 01, 2018
1:00pm to 5:00pm


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