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Jun Hao “A Journey Through the Seasons”

A Master at capturing the essence of Spring and the tranquility of Fall…
We are excited to introduce Local Artist


“A Journey Through the Seasons”
Saturday, February 16th
from 1 to 5 pm
Artist Present

Jun Hao gives a modern interpretation on the iconic landscape that evokes a meditative peacefulness. Join as this talented local artist shares his refined technique with all of North Dallas!

Preview the show at!

Jun Hao received his BFA from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in Tianjin, China in 1991. He majored in Industrial Design including Product Modeling Design. He currently lives in Frisco, Texas where he started his artistic journey.

Jun is a master at capturing natures true beauty of the seasons. He paints with a creative yet precise hand that allows him to explore his own visions of the iconic landscape.

Jun has received many awards and recognitions including the Award of Excellent Design at the Asia-Pacific Petrochemical Exhibition in Tianjin, China.


February 16, 2019
1:00pm to 5:00pm


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