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JD Miller: Absence of Color

Samuel Lynne Galleries Presents JD Miller: Absence of Color

DALLAS, TEXAS – August 29, 2017 – Samuel Lynne Galleries is pleased to announce the opening reception for JD Miller’s exhibition Absence of Color on Saturday, October 14th, from 5-8pm. A first for the artist, Miller translates his characteristic vibrantly colored 3D oil paintings into a never before seen monochromatic palette. The artist will be in attendance at the opening reception, and the exhibition will be on view through November 11, 2017.

Miller is a full-time painter and gallery owner in the Dallas Design District. His artistic career began as he focused on perfecting the techniques of the master oil painters, and later merged various artistic techniques and mediums as his creative vision took shape. Standing on the shoulders of some of the great impressionists like Monet and Renoir, the post-impressionist Van Gogh and the revolutionary cubism of Picasso and Matisse, JD Miller takes the impasto technique to an extreme – nearly to the extent of creating a 3D sculpture on the canvas with small mountains of rich, striking oil colors and textures. Drawing from influences in psychology and spirituality, Miller founded Reflectionism. Reflectionism combines a philosophy of art and a style of painting that is grounded in Asian mindfulness meditation practice while utilizing the New Thought philosophy, the law of attraction. The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts and feelings a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. This belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy” and through the process of “like energy attracting like energy” a person can improve their own life experience.

Miller creates art that reflects joy, love, and gratitude. His paintings embody the Reflectionist philosophy through the use of dynamic contours, light play, and feelings of positive energy seen at every viewing angle. He utilizes the law of attraction in his life and his art as a visual record of his manifestation. He allows the universe to speak through him, and into his artworks. He uses a sculptor’s application of oil paint to create images that extend into space and engage the viewer in the realm of the three-dimensional.

“To eliminate color would be the ultimate challenge – personally and artistically. My reputation as a master colorist is truly being tested in the monochromatic realm.” – JD Miller

Absence of Color features a body of work that is a complete separation from Miller’s emphasis on characteristically vibrant colors in his work. The inspiration for a black and white series of paintings came from his own efforts to challenge himself in new ways as an artist. After 20 years of a career filled with color, he created his first ever black and white piece as a special requested commission, and so the trajectory of this creative journey began. These latest creations have been a true test for him to utilize fundamental principles of art – composition, value, texture – in order to create the powerful style of paintings he is best known for. Absence of Color is an introduction to the next stage of artistic growth for this already well-established artist, thrilling Miller’s audience with new creations and giving another remarkable glimpse into his creative vision.

For additional information or to schedule an interview or exclusive press preview, please contact
Kristin Rivas, Director of Samuel Lynne Galleries, 214.965.9027,


October 14, 2017 to November 11, 2017
5:00pm to 8:00pm


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