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Gathering from Santa Fe, Dallas and South Africa, three contemporary painters come together as they express their unique artistic language in FREQUENCY. Active, energetic and rhythmic describe the new works created for the group show. Conjuring their ideas from past and present experiences, with a constancy of styles, color palettes and composition they create a wavelength of visual storytelling.

Artist and gallerist Blair Vaughn-Gruler lives and works in Santa Fe and has been represented by Mary Tomás Gallery since 2013. Blair’s visual vocabulary approaches the ideas of space and geometry in a repetitive mark-making fashion through her monochromatic, structural paintings, which contemplate the relationship of the physical body to the painted object. In a review in Modern Dallas, Todd Camplin describes the work this way: “Blair Vaughn-Gruler’s paintings are very loose with reference to hard-drawn geometry, but she paints these objects in a kind of state of decay or softening. Her backgrounds are like primordial ooze giving nutrient to her organic/geometric shapes.”

Contemporary painter and gallerist, Mary Tomás, captures the quiet grace of natural forms and ethereal moods by using translucent and saturated color, light and shadow, form and space. In her latest body of work she has begun to diffuse and consolidate her metaphorical images to a greater degree that leans to further abstraction. The paint has become thicker in places to punctuate the conversation between subject and viewer. Using techniques of layering oil washes, as in the early chiaroscuro painters who used intense lights and darks to create a heightened sensorial experience, she seeks to engage the viewer deeper into the canvas.

A new addition to the gallery roster, Lori Schappe-Youens has enjoyed an active artistic career for over three decades. Described as an abstract expressionist, Youens works are informed by her emotions through the combination of color, texture and imagery. Lori’s intuitive style and unique sense of storytelling is intelligent, complementing the group show and gallery roster at Mary Tomás Gallery. Living in Wisconsin and South Africa has inspired her paintings as well as her experience as a gallerist.


April 02, 2016 to May 07, 20166:00pm


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