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DIVERSE WORKS a group show

Featured in DIVERSE WORKS: Painter and professor of art at Brookhaven College in Dallas, CHONG CHU, paints in oils using imagery inspired by his Korean-American heritage, folk art and his spiritual beliefs. ERIC GIOIA, sculptor and neurosurgeon, hammers and molds his ideas using exotic woods and metals that appear both feminine and masculine at the same time. Santa Fe artist ERNST GRULER uses his knowledge of architecture, furniture making and unusual mixes of paint with gold leaf to his mixed media works on wood panels that call the viewer into discovery. North Carolina artist KENN KOTARA uses the Braille system of language to communicate his ideas of layered paint, language and geometry. Each work has several layers of meaning and highlights in hand-punched Braille dots, which feature passages from an important poem or book. Painter SANDRA LARA uses her Mexican American heritage, her life experiences and night terrors to create vibrant and explosive works that jump out to the viewer. Dallas based printmaker and painter CECILIA THURMAN uses the fine art of printmaking and mixed media to create works that feel fresh, yet historic or archeological at the same time. Sculptor KAORI TOJIMA explores the meaning of EROS through her intimate kiln fired clay sculptures that resemble women, emotions and feelings. Dallas painter and Gallery co-owner MARY TOMÁS works in oils to create calming, ethereal and atmospheric images with hints of landscape and natural elements. Santa Fe artist BLAIR VAUGHN-GRULER uses mark making, linear drawing and geometry in her paintings that beg the viewer to consider the oppositional forces of the two mediums and their interaction. North Texas painter DAWN WATERS BAKER explores her spiritual beliefs and connection to nature through oil paintings that evoke both tenderness and the unknown.


June 28, 2014 to August 02, 2014
6:00pm to 9:00pm


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Mary Tomás Gallery
1110 Dragon Street
Dallas 75207

(214) 727-5101


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