‘Ernesto Neto: The Body That Gravitates on Me’ on view at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

Ernesto Neto, whose work was first exhibited at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in 1996, has become internationally known for translucent organic sculptures that often take on architectural proportions, one of which is suspended from the ceiling of the Museum’s two-story atrium from October 19, 2014, to April 5, 2015. Exhibitions director Richard Klein described how Neto’s work frequently blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, weightlessness and gravitational pull. He says, “Neto’s work exhibits both playfulness and a formal rigor that is often—literally—stretched to the extreme by his use of flexible synthetic fabrics, particularly those used in stockings and tights: nylon and polyamide.” Neto’s piece, The Body That Gravitates on Me, is juxtaposed with a work by Eva Hesse that was in founder Larry Aldrich’s collection, Accession II (1968, 1969). Like Neto’s art in

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