Embroidered Modernism: Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein marks the 150th birthday of Ferdinand Nigg

To mark the 150th birthday of Ferdinand Nigg, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is staging a major synoptic exhibition devoted to Liechtenstein’s most important modernist artist. Ferdinand Nigg is one of the artists who discovered embroidery as an artistic medium at the beginning of the 20th century, harnessing this technique to realise modern design principles. The fascination of his work lies in his reduced, abstract vocabula ry of form, with which Nigg also portrayed expressive gestures and facial expressions. Ferdinand Nigg, born in Vaduz in 1865, was a painter, graphic artist, textile designer, book designer and typographer. Following his training in Zurich and a period of working as a freelance artist in Berlin, he was appointed professor of book craft and textiles at the progressive school of applied arts and craft professions in Magdeburg in 1903. It was here, at the pinnacle of his public work, that Nigg worked

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