‘Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives’ exhibition extended until March 29, 2020

By popular demand, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is extending the run of the exhibition Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives until March 29, 2020. Already seen by over 100,000 visitors, this major exhibition offers a completely new picture of everyday life of six individuals who lived along the Nile between 900 B.C.E. and 180 C.E. using an innovative approach that combines the arts and science. Making its North American premiere at the MMFA, Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives presents six mummies together with 240 artefacts from ancient Egypt from the collection of the British Museum. Non-invasive medical imaging techniques such as CT scanning have made it possible to shed new light on different aspects of the life – and death – of these six ancient Egyptians. The exhibition reveals fascinating discoveries about

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