Drip, Drip, Drip!

Joseph Cohen headlines tonight at Wade Wilson Art in a tour de force show of his latest paintings influenced by a recent residency in Italia (through January 25).

Cohen's come a long way since his days in an off-the-beaten-path studio building downtown, where he was tucked away down a labyrinthian hallway, laboring in obscurity; the first time we met, he was patiently, obsessively and contemplatively piling oil upon surface, a technique he has continually refined. Cohen's latest, "Fatto in Italia" alludes to early Renaissance altar pieces while also raiding modernist art history. His gravity-defying drips perch along the precipice of the canvas, tempting the onlooker with their lush surfaces, which invite touch and conjure associations from frosting to banks of snow. This is truly painting for the new century.

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