Don Eyles Collection featured in Fall Space Exploration sale at RR Auction

RR Auction is offering The Don Eyles Collection in its Fall Space Exploration sale with online bidding running October 11- October 17. As a 27-year-old MIT computer expert, Don Eyles had the unequaled distinction of saving the Apollo 14 mission. A quick-thinking mathematical genius, he worked at Draper Labs, the place commissioned by NASA to write the computer code that would take us to the Moon. Since graduating Boston University in 1966, Don specialized in writing those invaluable programs for what Apollo 15 Commander Dave Scott later referred to as "the most dangerous part of walking on the moon," landing the Lunar Module on the surface of the Moon. When the abort switch unexpectedly jammed on Apollo 14, Eyles was tasked with writing a new program on the fly rendering the faulty "abort" request invisible to the

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