Damiani to publish ‘A brief movement after death’ by Caleb Cain Marcus

Caleb Cain Marcus, a photographic artist living in New York City, has a practice rooted in photography and centered around the tangible presence of space as a connector with the universe. In his critically acclaimed book, A Portrait of Ice (Damiani, 2012), Cain Marcus used the vertical frame to capture sublime images of glaciers and began his study of color. In Goddess (Damiani, 2014), his transcendental photographs taken along the Ganges river explored how space can be defined using light, color and atmospheric conditions. In A brief movement after death (Damiani, October 2018), Cain Marcus' fourth monograph, the photographer pushes deeper still with his masterful use of color to imagine what the release of energy from the body into the universe might look like when we die. The painterly images, which are rendered in exquisite hues

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