Dallas Art Fair — The Experts Weigh In

Patrick Collins, collector and board president, Dallas Contemporary: %26ldquo;I thought the group of galleries we had this year was great, with good diversity both in terms of work presented and geographic location of the galleries.%26nbsp;I particularly liked D%26rsquo;Amelio Terras (the Matt Keegan was really cool, as was Tamar Halpern%26rsquo;s piece), Anthony Meier and Lora Reynolds (with some fantastic Colby Bird pieces). It was also nice to see Valerie Cueto there, a young New York gallery with a very strong program. David Kordansky also had a great booth, with wonderful pieces by Rashid Johnson and Anthony Pearson.%26nbsp;Other highlights were CRG from New York, also with cool Colby Bird sculptures, and moniquemeloche from Chicago with some fantastic Jason Middlebrook pieces.%26rdquo;

Chris D%26rsquo;Amelio, exhibiting gallerist, D%26rsquo;Amelio Terras Gallery: %26ldquo;We brought major new works by a number of the gallery%26rsquo;s stars, emerging artists such as Matt Keegan and Tamar Halpern, and our goal was to place those works in Texas collections. We succeeded at those goals and more! As always, the Dallas community shines as one of the fastest growing and most sincere art cities in the U.S.%26rdquo;

Peter Doroshenko, director, Dallas Contemporary: %26ldquo;It was exciting to see the energy and magnetism that the Dallas Art Fair brought to Dallas in April. The opening benefit was a Who%26rsquo;s Wo from the Texas art world, but it was fun and relaxed. The emerging and seasoned collector had many art options at the fair, and this all made for a successful event.%26rdquo;

Image: William John Kennedy%26rsquo;s "Warhol Flowers I, Flushing, Queens," photographed 1964, printed 2010, at Colton %26amp; Farb Gallery

Talley Dunn, exhibiting gallerist, Dunn and Brown Contemporary: %26ldquo;This was an exciting year for us at the Dallas Art Fair.%26nbsp;We thoroughly enjoyed exhibiting alongside our colleagues from across the country and having the opportunity to exhibit important works by artists whom we represent.%26nbsp;Collectors purchased significant works by Vernon Fisher, Joseph Havel, Tony Feher, Liz Ward and David Bates.%26rdquo;

Frank Herzog, collector and representative, AXA Art Insurance: %26ldquo;Seventy-plus good galleries and lots of art to choose from ... the booths looked good, and the symposiums were excellent.%26rdquo;

Betty Moody, exhibiting gallerist, Moody Gallery: %26ldquo;It was a very rewarding experience for us on many levels. It is a mature fair %26mdash; a wide range of galleries geographically and galleries with quality material ... The attendance was wonderful. We never had a slow time, and there were people from east to west to south coasts who had come specifically for the Dallas Art Fair. I saw a lot of old friends and collectors and met a lot of new ones. And I sold a lot of artwork, to old friends as well as new ones, from Dallas, New York, Los Angeles and Houston ... I%26rsquo;m already looking forward to next year!%26rdquo;

Image: Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers%26rsquo; "Here today, gone tomorrow," 2010, at Dean Project

Cindy Schwartz, Cynthia C. Schwartz Fine Arts: %26ldquo;The galleries brought their important artists: Matt Connors at Canada, Rashid Johnson at David Kordansky, a gorgeous Leonardo Drew at Tony Meier, fresh new talent like Ben Berlow at Callicoon. And the community was happy to pick these up and make sure they stayed in Dallas.%26rdquo;

Thomas Solomon, exhibiting gallerist, Thomas Solomon Gallery: %26ldquo;The Dallas Art Fair was a great opportunity to expose new artists in the gallery to an inquisitive and intelligent audience. I sold a number of artworks to new clients based in Dallas and throughout Texas. I look forward to returning next year to an even stronger art fair%26nbsp;and expanded interest in my program.%26rdquo;

Jeremy Strick, director, Nasher Sculpture Center: %26ldquo;The Dallas Art Fair is becoming a centerpiece of the Dallas cultural calendar. This year, we saw a number of outstanding new exhibitors participate and several institutions, notably the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Dallas Contemporary and the Goss-Michael Foundation, collaborate to open exhibitions in conjunction with the Fair.%26rdquo;

Image: Ellen Tanner%26rsquo;s "The Fox and the Crow," 2008, at Moody Gallery


%26ldquo;We%26rsquo;ve taken over every part of FIG!%26rdquo; %26mdash; John Sughrue

%26ldquo;Last year, I came back on Sunday and spent the whole day looking.%26rdquo; %26mdash; Shelby Wagner

%26ldquo;This is so good! Like, so good! Did you see the one piece I need?%26rdquo; %26mdash; Ceron

%26ldquo;He was in short-shorts earlier!%26rdquo; %26mdash; Niven Morgan, on photographer Juergen Teller%26rsquo;s outfit worn that day at a private preview at the Dallas Contemporary

%26ldquo;Art being such an important part of my inspiration, I thought it was really amazing.%26rdquo; %26mdash; fashion designer Jason Wu, who toured the Fair with Neiman Marcus%26rsquo; Jim Gold

%26ldquo;Juergen is a legend. This is a great time to be in Dallas. It%26rsquo;s huge that this is here.%26rdquo; %26mdash; photographer Jonathan Zizzo

%26ldquo;You have to go to the [Jim Lambie] opening tomorrow. It%26rsquo;s brilliant.%26rdquo; %26mdash; James Cope on the Goss-Michael Foundation opening

%26ldquo;He said, %26lsquo;Whose purse is that? I love that purse!%26rsquo;%26rdquo;%26mdash; Capera Ryan on Ezra Petronio taking her portrait,and admiring her handbag

%26ldquo;This is such a smart installation. What they are doing [at Goss-Michael] is really important.%26rdquo; %26mdash; Houston gallerist Barbara Davis

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