Cover Girl

Since 2009, Caribbean%26ndash;born Rhode Island School of Design (BFA) and University of Houston (MFA) grad Zoya Tommy has been on a mission %26mdash;%26nbsp;to carve out a spot as one of the new crop of taste-makers in Texas. Not content to merely curate pop-up shows in borrowed locales around town, she opened in a series of micro spaces on Milam, incrementally inching up to the prime time %26mdash;%26nbsp;at the 4411 Montrose Gallery Building, where she rubs shoulders with neighboring dealers of import Barbara Davis, Anya Tish and Wade Wilson. Success in the way of a nearly sold out booth at last September%26rsquo;s Houston Fine Art Fair was Tommy%26rsquo;s ticket to 4411. Best evidence that she%26rsquo;s arrived %26mdash; exhibiting this past December an underknown Japanese-NY master, Ushio Shinohara, concurrent with the action painter%26rsquo;s group turn in MoMA%26rsquo;s %26ldquo;Tokyo 1955 %26ndash;%26nbsp;1970%26rdquo;; weeks after her opening, Shinohara appeared on ARTnews%26rsquo; cover, affirming Tommy%26rsquo;s astute eye. Now up at ZTC: Dutch-born, Houston-based Guus Kemp%26rsquo;s riotously pigmented canvases (through April 20). 4411 Montrose, 713.523.7424;

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