Claude Parent, French architect known for his buildings featuring sloped floors, dies

Naad Parent and her family are saddened to announce the death of Claude Parent on February 27th in the evening, on the day following his 93rd birthday. Claude Parent was born in 1923 and has consistently appeared as a maverick figure in the field of architecture; a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, once a student of Le Corbusier, he was the practician and theoretician of the “oblique function”, which he formulated with the philosopher Paul Virilio. For allhis career, he engaged in re-thinking and actually changing the way humans live – by creating unbalance, and thereby making them aware of their own being. The author of a limited but extremely influential built work – from the maison Drusch to the church of Sainte-Bernadette in Nevers and to the shopping centre at Sens -, he has also contributed through his writings to define the activity of being an architect, and through his drawings devoted to the movements of populations, to the structures of

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