City of San Antonio celebrates new nature-inspired public art installation at Elmendorf Lake Park

The City of San Antonio is celebrating the completion of “Aguas Onduladas” (Rippling Waters), a public art installation at Elmendorf Lake Park inspired by the natural beauty of the nearby lake. The artwork, comprised of three cut stainless steel waves, honors the natural elements with a pattern cut into the metal that resembles rippling water. The finish of the stainless steel provides a reflection of the viewer and light as if he or she was looking into water. The largest wave, located on the north end of the triangle, stands 12 feet at its tallest point. The smallest wave on the south end stands three feet at the shortest point. The artist team of RDG Dahlquist Art Studio collaborated with inaugural San Antonio Poet Laureate and former Texas State Poet Laureate, Carmen Tafolla, Ph.D., to incorporate text from her poems

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