Christian Vind exhibits at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art

In the exhibition Dr. Topic, the artist Christian Vind presents a complex mesh of objects, archaeological artefacts and everyday items which are accumulated and organised in an intense, visual sequence. At Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Christian Vind presents his work as a doctor’s file or case history linked by the red thread of vision, time and memory. At the entrance to the exhibition visitors are introduced to the enigmatic Dr. Topic – in the form of a photograph of his letterbox somewhere in Zagreb – a re-stamped envelope, and a door to another room. Three years’ of folded calendar pages, a cigar box and a letter from Sweden guide visitors into the exhibition, where a concentrated stream of new collages, photographs, text and video awaits. At the centre is a Polish medicine cabinet full of objects like dissection instruments, geological and archaeological finds, writing

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