Christian Millet’s AYAHUASCA opens May 10 at WAAS

Moved by a three day journey in his native country (Peru), Christian Millet’s latest body of work is a pure reflection of his surroundings and experience among animals and other living creatures. His latest series titled “Ayahuasca” serves as a visceral dialogue between multiple personalities of guidance, each constantly searching for common sense and higher grade of transparency.

Influenced by pre-columbine cultures and the contemporary art world, Millet reflects and compiles after 10 years the provoke darkness and enlightenment of such shamanic ritual . This latest series of work includes mixed media works, and a combination of modular, mountable sculptures. In addition Millet features a series of two dimensional visions depicting a search and transformation that influenced his path to self discovery . Through this acceptance of his true nature, Millet invites all to experience the love/hate relationship with one’s reflection in the mirror. Millet introduces a hyper reality where his fears cohabitate with his search for purpose and meaning.

Ayahuasca opens May 10th, 2014 at WAAS Gallery. The evening will feature an artist talk from 6 to 7pm, followed by the opening reception from 7 to 10pm.

Complimentary beverages are available at your pleasure.

WAAS Gallery
2722 Logan St.
Dallas, TX 75215
Exhibiting 5. 10. 14  -  5. 31. 14


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