Centre Pompidou presents 2019 France–Romania cycle

A Romanian cycle at the Centre Pompidou provides an opportunity to showcase an extraordinary laboratory of artistic creation which intimately and fully shaped the history of modern and contemporary art. The 2019 France–Romania cycle is an opportunity to take a fresh look at a key moment in the history of 20th–century international cultural dynamics, in which Paris has long been a key hub where the Central and East European art scenes emerged, asserted themselves and came to play a leading role. Through some of the founding figures of artistic modernity and the avant-garde, the Centre Pompidou presents and revisits the vast wealth of its collections through special exhibitions and installations. As the owner of Brancusi’s Studio, the Centre Pompidou possesses an absolute icon of modern art. It forms one of the key focus points of this cycle, with an installation by the visionary designer and charismatic perf

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