Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle débuts Slavs and Tatars’ mid-career survey

Imagine each breath an utterance: in and out, a repetition of equally sensual and semantic force. In Mouth to Mouth, Slavs and Tatars mid-career survey, the traditional flow of information and affect is scrambled and squeezed through organs, orifices and body parts not usually designated for such use. Defining an area “east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China” as their remit, Slavs and Tatars repeatedly creolize, craft and collide a political and imagined geography to topple our brittle notions of identity, language, and beliefs. Throughout their ten-year practice, the artists have turned to Turkic language politics, medieval advice literature, the relationship between Iran and Poland, and transliteration, to name but a few of their areas of research. A region sandwiched between empires (Russian, Byzantine, Persian, to name a few), ideologies (Communism and political Islam), not to mention the Abrahamic faiths, Eurasia

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