Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv presents ‘Agnieszka Kurant: Assembly Line’

The CCA presents Agnieszka Kurant’s first solo exhibition in Israel. Kurant focuses on collective intelligence, shared fictions, as well as invisible and “immaterial” labor. She questions singular authorship with works such as “Production Line,” a series of drawings crowdsourced to thousands of online workers, and “A.A.I.,” sculptures made out of colored sand, gold and crystals by colonies of termites. Kurant’s examination of invisible labor and the unseen forces of control extend to works such as, “Air Rights,” a levitating meteorite, and “Cutaways,” a short film featuring three characters who were cut out of major films during the editing process and who are re-played by their original Hollywood actors. By pointing to invisible labor and shared authorship, Kurant also raises questions about value. In the art world in particular, the author’s identity is paramount to es

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