Carmen Einfinger executes a Public Art Intervention at the Great Salt Lake

On February 2, 2016, New York City artist Carmen Einfinger executed a Public Art Intervention at Robert Smithson's iconic Spiral Jetty at the Great Salt Lake in Utah, titled “Color Homage to Robert Smithson.” Ms. Einfinger's “Color Homage to Robert Smithson” was inspired by her longstanding respect for Smithson's pioneering work in Land Art, or Earthworks. Her work was created to acknowledge his enormous contribution which influences today’s public artists worldwide. Ms. Einfinger predicts that Smithson’s Spiral Jetty will continue to impact artists in future generations to think bigger. Einfinger’s art intervention is timely, as a new generation of artists is supporting the Spiral Jetty to be named Utah’s “state work of art.” Over the years, the Spiral Jetty has been studied, written about, and reviewed as a ground-breaking, highly influential work of Land Art. It is long over

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