Capsule Shanghai opens a solo exhibition of works by Ivy Haldeman

Capsule Shanghai announced the opening of New York-based artist Ivy Haldeman’s solo exhibition, (Hesitate), the first presentation of the artist’s oeuvre in Shanghai, China. It will feature her most recent paintings and an LED neon-light installation. Comprised of three idiosyncratic visual tropes: a hotdog figure, hollow business suits in pairs, and gesticulating fingers, Ivy Haldeman’s immaculate imageries allow sensuality, vulnerability, and imagination to contend with a variety of culturally pervasive notions. This exhibition complicates the dichotomies of what qualifies as the natural versus the artificial, the free versus the subjugated. As suggested in its title, a momentary pause from repose to performance, a disjunction between mind and body, may be the elusive position from which a viewer reframes their perception of being human.

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