Campagne Premiere presents D. N. Rodowick’s The Wanderers

1954 and 1958—Italy and Northern California—black & white and color. In one a woman wanders and observes; in the other, the woman wanders and is observed. In both situations the gaze is mobile, walking or driving, the world screened by the floating frame of vision or car windows. Across the two spaces the women meander through museums, cemeteries, cities, landscapes of forest and ocean, sites of repetition, history, memory, and death. Images of faith and its distance from this world appear throughout. On the surface, no two works could be more dissimilar than Roberto Rossellini’s Voyage to Italy and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. The latter is organized spatially by an investigative and punishing male gaze leading to madness and death as it winds through San Francisco’s serpentine streets. The former is dominated by the emotive face of Ingrid

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