Benday Best

If Warhol is the king of Pop art, then Roy Lichtenstein is the movement%26rsquo;s crown prince. Now this prince%26rsquo;s unforgettable benday dots and swell comic attitude are celebrated in a new retrospective, complete with behind-the-scenes drawings, his greatest and most classic cartoony paintings of the %26rsquo;60s and many under-known canvases that comment on the canon of 20th-century art history. Catch %26ldquo;Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective%26rdquo; organized by the Art Institute of Chicago traveling to Washington, D.C.%26rsquo;s National Gallery of Art (October 14 %26ndash; January 13, 2013); London%26rsquo;s Tate Modern (February 21 %26ndash; May 27, 2013); and Centre Pompidou in Paris (July 3 %26ndash; November 4, 2013).

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