Bayern Munich’s exhibition on Holocaust victims opens at Dachau

Bayern Munich's president Karl Hopfner has opened a touring exhibition at the former Dachau concentration camp dedicated to club members who became victims of the Holocaust under Nazi rule. The exhibition, titled "Idolised - Persecuted - Forgotten: Victims of National Socialism at FC Bayern Munich", tells the story of the 56 members who were deported or had to flee Germany during the Nazi era. Former club presidents Kurt Landauer, who was briefly imprisoned in the Dachau camp, near Munich, and Siegfried Herrmann, were amongst the victims of Nazi persecution for religious or political reasons. The exhibition at the Church of Reconciliation at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site is open until May 1. "It is important for us to take action, year after year, against forgetting (the victims)," said Bayern president Karl Hopfner at the exhibition. "The opening

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