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“Under New York law, you better put your blinds down. He’s lucky he wasn’t standing there buck naked.”

Breaking:  "Alex Rodriguez ‘Has No Case’ Against Photographer Of Viral Toilet Photo Under Lenient New York Law."First appearance for A-Rod at the blog, and, I think (but would have to double check), first use of "viral toilet photo."But not the first appearance of the legal issue it presents.  See here.... | Read More

“Actor and Artist Val Kilmer Says He Definitely Did Not Steal an Artist’s Idea for a Sculpture, Despite a Lawsuit”

"Texas-based sculptor Bale Creek Allen filed a lawsuit last fall claiming that Kilmer stole his idea for a golden tumbleweed sculpture. Allen, who has been selling his own tumbleweed sculptures for several years through galleries in Texas and New Mexico—including one he runs himself—asserts that that actor knowingly took his concept and copyrighted means of production."... | Read More

“The infamous Abstract Expressionist forgery ring that rocked the art world is back in the headlines.”

"Last week, a federal judge in Manhattan set a July court date to determine whether Michael Hammer, the former owner of the infamous Knoedler Gallery, which sold tens of millions of dollars worth of fake art, could be held liable for the sales."... | Read More

“Western Museums Have a Surplus of Art by White Men. Now Some Are Selling It Off to Correct Their Historical Biases”

Tim Schneider on the "growing trend" of deaccessioning-to-diversify.

It's a good thing the works aren't held in the public trust or else this strategy couldn't work.... | Read More

“They just lost the only ally they ever had. I am going to rip them apart. … I am done being a nice guy with them. They can all go to hell.”

Developments in the Robert Indiana litigation.  Background here.... | Read More

“A High-Profile Impressionist Art Collector Says Wildenstein Sold Him a ‘Clever Fake’ Bonnard—and Now the Courts Will Decide”

Eileen Kinsella has the story here.  The sale took place in 1985, so obviously there's a big statute of limitations issue in play.... | Read More

“Copyright small-claims court may soon be a reality.”

"This week, corresponding bills were introduced in the House and Senate, both with bipartisan support, proposing to establish a tribunal to adjudicate copyright infringement disputes involving claims of $30,000 or less in damages."The argument against is that it will enable copyright trolls.... | Read More

“Artists have filed a lawsuit in hopes of preventing the destruction of a mural on the side of an uptown Normal building slated for demolition.”

"Under the Visual Artists Rights Act, the suit filed Wednesday asks for an injunction 'prohibiting the destruction, distortion, mutilation or other modification of their artworks.'"... | Read More

“Since the banner went up, the university and artist have fought over covering it up and the future of the statue, with Lawless saying his First Amendment rights were being violated.”

Inside Higher Ed:  University Will Pay Sculptor to Move Anti-Trump Art.  He gets $50,000.... | Read More

“This surreptitious misappropriation occurred in violation of Peter Max’s specific wishes and the express directives of ALP’s board of directors.”

NYT:  Peter Max’s Studio Is Sued by a Longtime Seller of His Art.... | Read More
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