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“How the Legal System Left Artist Purvis Young’s Beneficiaries Empty-Handed”

Story here. Some background here.... | Read More


Portland Press Herald: "Evidence of deleted emails muddies fight over Robert Indiana’s estate."Previous mud-level status reports here and here.... | Read More

“The UK artist Bruce Munro, best known for his immersive, light-based installations, is suing the Florida-based Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens for copyright infringement.”

Story, and side-by-side images, here.... | Read More

“Caught smuggling Picasso on his yacht, Spanish billionaire collector gets €52m fine and 18 months in prison”

"According to Spain’s strict heritage laws, permits are required for exporting items more than 100 years old, which can be classified as 'national treasures.'"  They're serious about the public trust over there.... | Read More

“According to the gallery director Karen Marks, a lawsuit about Maier’s estate has been settled, and the photographs are back on the market, with a commission from each sale going into an escrow account managed by Cook County, Ill.”

A bit of art law news buried in a piece on the current Outside Art Fair. Background here.... | Read More

Shed employees move to unionize

Story here. More here: "Over the past year, a wave of employees at museums across America have pushed to unionize. Much of the action has been centered on New York, with workers at the New Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and elsewhere having successfully formed unions, though the movement has also begun reaching other cities. Employees at the Frye Art Museum in... | Read More

“Under the rules, they have to register with the government’s tax agency, and dealers and auctioneers must establish the identity of the ‘ultimate beneficial owner’ — meaning both seller and buyer — before entering into a transaction.”

New anti-money laundering regulations in the UK. They went into effect Friday. NYT story here. Kenneth Mullens of Withers here. More here.... | Read More

“Marciano Foundation Worker Files Suit Claiming Mass Layoffs Were Illegal”

New York Times story here. Background here.... | Read More

“Court Orders Art Dealer Asher Edelman’s Company to Pay $1 Million in the Botched Sale of a Keith Haring Painting”

Story here. Decision (on summary judgment) here. After receiving an invoice, Edelman wrote to the seller, “As thirty days from your invoice will pass tomorrow, I need to cancel the transaction because of non-payment to me,” but the Court points out in its decision that that’s not a thing: “While Edelman’s notice of cancelation hints at some legal right to do so... | Read More

Inigo Update

Athena Art Finance has joined the fray:  A Prominent Art-Finance Company Says Embattled Dealer Inigo Philbrick Owes It $15 Million for a Loan He Never Paid Back.Background here. "Philbrick’s whereabouts are currently unknown and his two former gallery spaces, in Miami and London, have been shuttered. His Miami attorney recently filed a motion to withdraw as counsel, writing that the dealer... | Read More
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