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“Today came news that the cutting-edge warehouse, opened by the real estate firm Carye Equities for a reported $40 million and managed by shipping industry experts, is shutting down for good.”

 ARCIS -- once described as "a tax-free zone in search of a tax" -- has closed down. Eileen Kinsella has the story here.

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And speaking of Deaccessioning Hall of Fame Scholar-in-Residence Brian Frye …

 ... an interesting conversation between him and another friend of the blog, artist/lawyer Alfred Steiner, at Brian's excellent Ipse Dixit podcast. Here's a good recent example of a Steiner project -- a Public License for Criminal Use.

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The other big deaccessioning story …

 ... is that the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse is deaccessioning a Jackson Pollock -- estimated at $12-18 million -- and will use the proceeds to diversify its collection. The Baltimore Museum did something similar a couple years ago.

I would have guessed that, because the sales proceeds are being used to buy more art (among other reasons), this would be non-controversial, but... | Read More

“It is the kind of sale that once would have engendered criticism, perhaps even sanctions …. But it is now completely within the parameters of loosened regulations ….”

I've been behind on my blogging the last few weeks, but the big news of course was the announcement by the Brooklyn Museum that it would be selling 12 works -- including paintings by Cranach, Courbet and Corot -- to raise funds for the care of its collection.

As the Times article points out, the Museum is the first major institution "to take advantage of" the (temporary) change... | Read More

“Mr. Brand speculated that this painting was chosen precisely because it had been stolen before, and thieves assumed it ‘must be important.'”

 NYT:  17th-Century Dutch Painting Is Stolen. Again.

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“According to a lawsuit filed in federal court Friday, Frederick ‘Hank’ Robar is requesting no less than $7 million in damages from the village as the infamous 15-year dispute over his ‘toilet gardens’ enters its likely most contentious chapter to date.”

There's a headline for you. Story here.

One of his claims is under VARA.

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What Happens If Your Gallery Goes Belly Up?

 Tom and Charles Danziger explain.

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“The style we’re after is very much inspired by your work and that of other artists like Steven Paul Judd and Frank Hyde”

 The Art Newspaper:  Redbone music video sparks artist dispute over copyright infringement.

Another example having to do with the scope of protection for an artist's style (as opposed to a specific work).

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“All buyers must also sign a contract with extensive conditions. They must agree not to resell the work at auction for at least five years; if they do want to sell, they must give the artist right of first refusal; and, if they sell to someone else, they have to give 15 percent of the upside back to the artists.”

A contractual resale royalty is in place for "'Say It Loud (I’m Black and Proud),' an online selling exhibition at Christie’s that opened on July 31 and is dedicated to the promotion of Black art."

Arlene Dávila tweets: "Great example of how curators can advocate for artists' resale royalty rights. Let's stop the speculation & the unequal model where only collectors/speculators... | Read More

“The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is suing the architects who planned its warehouse expansion five years ago, alleging they failed to design a structure that would prevent condensation from occurring inside that could damage artwork and other precious items.”

 Buffalo News story here.

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