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Settlement in the Anish Kapoor-N.R.A. Lawsuit

Story here.  Background here.  Kapoor declares victory.  On the other side, the N.R.A. says the suit was "baseless" but that "it agreed to remove the image 'to avoid the cost and distraction of litigation.' It also said that the settlement does not require the group to pay Mr. Kapoor any money."... | Read More

Attorney Fee Award in California Resale Royalty Lawsuit

Opinion here.  Brief tweet-summary here.  Background here.... | Read More

“It almost sounded too good to be true: a Picasso painting stolen in one of the world’s most famous art heists had been found under a tree in a snowy Romanian forest.”

"On Monday it emerged it was totally too good to be true, part of an elaborate and carefully staged piece of performance art by a radical Belgian theatre company."... | Read More

MoMaCha is now MaMaCha

MoMA had obtained a preliminary injunction in October.  Story here.  Background here.... | Read More

“Graffiti Artists are Gaining Recognition—and Rights”

Good overview of recent developments from Bennington's K.E. Gover.  An excerpt:"Unlike traditional forms of visual art, aerosol art on building walls cannot easily be bought or sold, and they are usually understood to be ephemeral by their very nature. In one sense, this makes exterior aerosol art an uncomfortable fit for the paradigmatic VARA cases presumably intended by Congress when it... | Read More

Have the Washington Principles been a failure?

Noah Charney thinks they have.... | Read More

Hail Fredonia?

SUNY Fredonia sold a painting by the Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani for $2.3 million at Sotheby's London this week.Question:  was this sale "ethical"?  How should the Deaccession Police react to it?The answer is it depends.  Was the painting held in something the university called a "museum"?  If so, awful, unbearable, a massive crisis, Stalin-esque.Or was it held other than... | Read More

“People thought maybe I was rash and should put it down to one of life’s rich experiences. But people defrauding other people, especially in the art market, should not be allowed to get away with it.”

Andy Hall won his fraud trial against a former college professor and her son who sold him a series of paintings they claimed were by Leon Golub.  A jury awarded him $465,000 (the amount he had apparently paid for the works).  Graham Bowley has the story here.  Background here.... | Read More

“An Artist Bought a Banksy Piece Just So He Could Destroy It”

Story here.  He paid $730,000 for it and says he plans to whitewash it … and then sell it for a million dollars.Banksy can invoke VARA to prevent this, though Guy Rub doesn't think he should be able to.  And The Fashion Law blog doesn't think he will: "The question becomes: will Banksy attempt to put a stop to English’s plan?  It seems unlikely.  Actually enabling English... | Read More

“If the number and relevance of galleries were to decline, how might this affect artistic content?”

Tyler Cowen has some hypotheses and, like all his hypotheses, they're worth considering.... | Read More
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