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“He is up front about the fact that his proposed catalogue raisonné addition ‘has no connection to the official Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné sponsored by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.'”

Richard Polsky is expanding his Warhol authentication services to include an "addendum" to the Warhol catalogue raisonné, which will include "works that have been previously rejected by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts."... | Read More

“I’m 100 percent sure that they are in Ireland. Hundred percent sure. No doubt in my mind.”

Was the IRA involved in the Gardner Heist?... | Read More


I'm a little late on this one too, but the 9th Circuit heard oral argument in the ridiculous monkey selfie lawsuit last week.  It sounds like it didn't go so well for the monkey side:"'There is no way to acquire or hold money. There is no loss as to reputation. There is not even any allegation that the copyright could have somehow benefited Naruto,' said Judge N Randy Smith. 'What financial... | Read More

Speaking of appropriation

Donald Graham's daughter had this to say about Richard Prince's use of her father's work:"That Richard Prince stole his work for his crass commercial purposes is not only against the law, it is an affront, an ugly reminder that successful artists such as Richard Prince believe themselves beyond the law. They can steal now and pay later from their profits."Actually, that wasn't Graham's daughter... | Read More

Bringing Home the Bacons

Three of them, at least.  Story here.  Background here.... | Read More

“What can account for this peculiar set of rules, which seem to prevent museums … to take actions that are not only consistent with, but would often seem otherwise mandated by their charitable purposes?”

At the Faculty Lounge, Brian Frye has some thoughts inspired by the fact that most museums can only show 2-4% of their collection at any given time.  And he teases an upcoming article tentatively titled "Deaccessioning Norms are Unethical."  I love it already.... | Read More

“How much can you conserve an artwork before it becomes something entirely different?”

"This question is at the heart of a lawsuit filed in New York earlier this week by the artist Cady Noland."... | Read More

Motion to dismiss denied in Prince-Graham fair use case

I was on a plane all day yesterday, so am a little late getting to this.  Laura Gilbert has the story in The Art Newspaper.  For background, start here.  More later after I've had a chance to read the decision.... | Read More

“Graffiti Artists Are Increasingly Lawyering Up to Fight Fashion Copycats”

From The Fashion Law Blog.... | Read More

Should an artist’s testamentary direction to destroy unfinished work be honored?

From the New York Times, the case of Edward Albee:"'It presents a moral and legal quandary,' said John Sare, a partner at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler and the co-author of 'Estate Planning for Authors and Artists.' 'You may feel a moral obligation to do as you’ve been asked, but that may be in competition with a moral obligation to do what’s best for the history of arts and letters and... | Read More
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