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“The gallery, Chowaiki & Co. Fine Art Ltd., filed for bankruptcy on Nov. 13.”

"At least three lawsuits filed this week against the dealer, Ezra Chowaiki, accuse him and the Park Avenue gallery in which he’s the president and a minority shareholder, of carrying out a variety of frauds."... | Read More

Are works owned by public libraries held in the public trust?

If not, why not?The New York Times reports on a library in Jamestown, N.Y. that "says it needs to sell most of the 50-odd works in its collection to make ends meet, an especially formidable task, it said, since the city has slashed its budget over the last few years."One interesting twist in the case: a couple of "art patrons" had "proposed keeping the collection in Jamestown by buying about 40... | Read More

“There’s no easy answer.”

I found another member for my Deaccessioning Hall of Fame: Lynn Zelevansky, who recently stepped down as director of the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh (not, I don't think, because of her views on deaccessioning).  From an interview with Charlotte Burns of Art Agency, Partners:"What about the question of using funds for operating expenses?"That’s much harder to answer. It has... | Read More

Photos Stolen From PS1

Or were they just borrowed?  Definitely a weird one.... | Read More

Trinity Church VARA Suit Dismissed

The VARA lawsuit over the removal of a sculpture from Trinity Church in Manhattan has been dismissed. Story here.  Decision here.  I said when the case was filed that VARA claims relating to the removal of site-specific work have not fared well.  Add this one to the list:  the Court says "simply relocating The Trinity Root does not by itself constitute distortion, mutilation... | Read More

Tyler Cowen on the Berkshire Museum

Sell the Rockwells.  It's Just Business.... | Read More

BREAKING: Appeals Court Enjoins Berkshire Museum Sale

Art Newspaper story here, including that "the injunction expires on December 11, but the judge has given the AGO the option to extend the injunction until its investigation into the deaccessioning can be completed."  I guess the appellate court wasn't as impressed with Judge Agostini's decision as I was.... | Read More

It was widely reported today that the 5Pointz graffiti artists had won their VARA lawsuit against the building’s developer …

... but, as the New York Times reports, in a weird procedural twist, the jury's decision was only a "recommendation":  "Even though the jury rendered its decision after hearing three weeks of testimony, near the end of the trial both Mr. Baum and Mr. Ebert agreed that Judge Frederic Block, who presided over the case, should take its verdict only as a recommendation. Judge Block has asked... | Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Injunction denied in Berkshire Museum case (UPDATED)

Story here.  More later.UPDATE:  Lots of interesting stuff in the decision.  There are a number of museum directors in my Deaccessioning Hall of Fame, and we recently added our first scholar-in-residence.  Now we've got out first judge.  Some reactions, in no particular order:1.  There were recently some efforts by the usual anti-deaccessioning crowd to downplay the... | Read More

“Investigators suspect he swiped it during his time working for Scully.”

The Daily News:  Famed artist Sean Scully's ex-aide busted for allegedly stealing, selling $500G painting from boss' Chelsea studio.... | Read More
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