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“Attack Leaves Wall Street’s Iconic Bull With a Gash on Its Horn”

New York Times story here.... | Read More

More on the 5Pointz oral argument

From Amelia Brankov here, including the following:"Significantly, the defendants argue that VARA does not apply to the 5Pointz aerosol works because the underlying protocol at 5Pointz was that the works were generally intended to be temporary and the site curator would allow one artist's works to be painted over by another purportedly without complying with VARA's waiver/notice provisions. ... | Read More

Mercedes survives motion to dismiss in street art infringement lawsuit

It involves some photos posted on Instagram that showed the defendants' murals.  (The artists are the defendants here because Mercedes brought a declaratory judgment action against them.)  Story here, including a link to the full opinion.  Background here.The Court went out of its way to emphasize:"Overall, Mercedes has alleged a plausible claim that section 120(a) of the... | Read More

“Trump opens door to restitution claims on art seized by Cuba”

Art Newspaper story here.... | Read More

“The complaint asserts that nothing is more antithetical to a street artist’s credibility than association with something as banal and commercial as a grocery store chain.”

artnet news:  A Street Artist Is Suing a Grocery Chain for Allegedly Using His Work in an Oprah-Narrated Super Bowl Ad Without His Consent.... | Read More

“Graffiti-Whitewash Appeal Lands With Thud at 2nd Circuit”

It's sometimes a mistake to read too much into oral argument, but Courthouse News's Amanda Ottaway thinks things did not go well for the developer in the 5Pointz appeal last week.  Her story is here.  As she put it on Twitter, "the real estate developer who whitewashed the graffiti says the artists painted over each other's work all the time, so if he violated the law, they did... | Read More

Gagosian-Koons Lawsuit Survives Motion to Dismiss

Story here.  This is the one with the ouroboros.  A similar suit, by Joel Silver, recently settled after it emerged that it was being funded by Ron Perelman.More later when I have a chance to read the decision.... | Read More

“The abject stupidity of the Arnautoff murals debacle”

Lionel Shriver in The Spectator.... | Read More

“The settlement marks the end of a prolonged and miserable period in the history of the art market.”

Eileen Kinsella in artnet:  The Final Knoedler Forgery Lawsuit, Over a $5.5 Million Fake Rothko, Has Been Settled, Closing the Book on a Sordid Drama.... | Read More

“Controversy Continues as Two Figures Come Out in Support of di Rosa Foundation’s Sale of Holdings”

Details here.  More than 120 figures came out against the sale here.... | Read More
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