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“A fast-moving controversy at the Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles that involved workers trying to unionize, layoffs, and the announcement of a temporary closure has come to a dramatic conclusion: the private museum saying that it now has no plans to reopen.”

ARTnews:  After Layoffs and Unionization Campaign, Marciano Art Foundation Says: ‘We Have No Present Plans to Reopen.’... | Read More

“The case, which includes accusations of a fake auction guarantee and double-dealing, lifts the curtain on a segment of the market fueled by increasingly byzantine deals involving anonymous corporations, partial ownership, and fast flipping.”

artnet news:  A Bombshell Lawsuit Claims That High-Flying Art Dealer Inigo Philbrick Sold a Rudolf Stingel Painting He Didn’t Own—More Than Once.... | Read More

“In 2001, Meyer purchased the Rothko for $900,000 from New York dealer Susan Seidel, after another dealer, Jamie Frankfort, introduced them.”

LA Times:  Longtime Universal boss Ron Meyer sues art dealer over ‘forged’ Mark Rothko painting.... | Read More

“Christie’s says the family members have no proof the diamond belongs to them and that, regardless, its client, who bought it from the stepbrother, had every right to sell the stone.”

NYT:  Christie’s Auctioned a $40 Million Diamond. Was It Stolen?... | Read More

“The arrest came after authorities discovered what they said was a fake artwork attributed to an artist who was not named in the Der Tagesspiegel report.”

ARTnews:  Noted Berlin Art Dealer Arrested After Allegedly Selling Fake Painting.... | Read More

Tell me again about the public trust (Brooklyn Museum to Sell Francis Bacon Pope at Auction with $6 M. to $8 M. Estimate Edition)

Story here.Thankfully, thankfully, this is not one of those works that, having fall under the aegis of a museum, was held in the public trust for present and future generations.  And it's not a work whose sale will cause potential donors to ask themselves "Why should I give this to you?  What guarantee do I have that you're not going to sell this tomorrow?"Phew.  Close call.... | Read More

“A $200 million art world spat between a prominent Philadelphia philanthropist and an eccentric New York art collector grew increasingly messy Thursday, as one of the men invoked the other’s ties to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein in an effort to discredit his rival.”

Story here.  Background on the spat here.... | Read More

“George Washington High School’s alumni association sues over controversial S.F. mural”

The lawsuit "challenges a vote by the school board in August to cover the New Deal era mural that spans George Washington High School’s lobby with solid panels."  The grounds?  "The group is challenging the August vote to cover it up on the grounds that the district has not conducted an environmental review required by California law."  That's creative.... | Read More

“The Arnautoff mural discord is paradigmatic of our divisive times. For the defenders of the murals, myself included, it embodies ‘cancel culture’ writ large, to the point of caricature.”

At the New York Review of Books, Michele Bogart says the dispute raises "important and pressing questions about race, representation, pedagogy, power, knowledge, and the meaning of public art."I would put her somewhere between the open letter position (she says "[t]he school board's drastic stance was a travesty, given the murals' iconography and history" -- emphasis added for the implication... | Read More

“I wish it was a prank,” he said, adding that the story “is deadly serious if even a little bit surreal since the subject of the robbery was a toilet.”

Maurizio Cattelan's gold toilet was stolen this morning out of an exhibition at Blenheim Palace.... | Read More
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