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“The lawsuit could serve as a cautionary tale … for galleries moving more heavily into online sales.”

The Art Newspaper: Painter Pat Lipsky sues over digitally ‘distorted’ images of her work.This is interesting:"Lipsky is suing under New York State’s 1984 Artist Authorship Rights Act, ... a precursor to the 1990 Visual Artists Rights Act .... Megan E. Noh, a partner at the New York law firm Pryor Cashman who is representing the artist, says that the federal statute 'does not apply to the... | Read More

“The court filing describes a scheme involving six-figure deals, wealthy buyers and elegantly faked artwork that fooled some of the country’s top art experts.”

Detroit News: In north Michigan woods, feds raid an alleged upscale art forgery factory.

Hirschl & Adler is among the alleged victims.... | Read More

“Nahmad received a WhatsApp message from Russian magnate Leonid Friedland, the CEO of Phillips’s parent company, noting that the guarantee could be cancelled in the case of ‘natural disaster, fire, flood, general strike, war, terrorist attack… or chemical contamination.'”

artnet's Eileen Kinsella:  Art dealer Joe Nahmad is suing Phillips after the auction house pulled out of a $5 million guarantee deal for a work by Rudolf Stingel.Related.... | Read More

“The controversy in Lexington, Ky., is similar to one at a San Francisco high school, where a series of murals depicting the life of George Washington upset students and parents because they showed scenes of slaves at work in the fields and barns of Washington’s Mount Vernon and, in one, Washington pointing westward over the dead body of a Native American man.”

The New York Times: Students’ Calls to Remove a Mural Were Answered. Now Comes a Lawsuit.On the similar San Francisco case -- where "the high school’s alumni association later sued, and there has not yet been a final conclusion in the legal battle" -- see here.The plaintiff in the Kentucky case is Wendell Berry — "the writer, farmer and longtime Kentuckian" and whose wife (and... | Read More

“Bruguera, who has been detained numerous times for speaking out against Cuba’s authoritarian regime and its censorship of the arts, spent 10 hours in jail before being released.”

Artist Tania Bruguera has been arrested again in Cuba. One earlier example here. See also.... | Read More

Is there a case for arts optimism during a pandemic?

Economist Tyler Cowen gives it a shot here.... | Read More

“A Charles White Drawing Went Missing From Howard University. After 40 Years, It Appeared at Auction—and Now Howard Wants It Back”

Sarah Cascone has the details on an interesting ownership dispute here. Sotheby's has withdrawn the work from sale while Howard and the consignors battle it out.... | Read More

Malcolm Gladwell on Deaccessioning

Or at least on how museums account for their collections.He views it as a species of hoarding. I've had the same thought myself. As have others.Listen here.... | Read More

“He used his cell phone constantly, took tennis lessons several times a week, frequented a nearby coffee shop, and become involved in animal rescue efforts. He even adopted a dog of his own.”

Great piece by Eileen Kinsella on Inigo Philbrick's time in Vanuatu: "He Didn’t Hide Who He Was."And some choice words from Kenny Schachter.Also on the criminal law docket, collector Angela Gulbekian, "who left the U.K. ahead of trial on theft charges was arrested in Portugal.".... | Read More

New artist resale rights contract with a charitable twist

Story here. Excerpt:"Del Pesco then reconnected with an old friend, Lauren van Haaften-Schick, a curator and writer who was researching this very topic for her PhD dissertation at Cornell University. Along with the art lawyer Laurence Eisenstein, she helped draft a document that designates that 15% of resale profits go to a charitable organisation of the artist’s choice. The agreement is... | Read More
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