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New murals by Ludo in Paris, France

Street artist Ludo is back with a new batch of fresh murals on the streets of Paris, France.

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The artwork above shows a rose wrapped tightly with a zip tie. Ludo shared this mural together with the words “Lockdown… no blossom allowed”. These new set of murals by Ludo is a somehow response to our current... | Read More

“Rubik Cube” by Neopaint Works in Budapest, Hungary

Artist group Neopaint Works shares their work, Rubik-Cube, located in Budapest, Hungary. It was painted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube – which is also the 70th birthday of Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik, it’s inventor.

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Neopaint Works is mural painter group... | Read More

“CHANGE” a short film by Doug Gillen

CHANGE is a short film documenting the work of the “Void Projects” art collective in Ferizaj, Kosovo. Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the film follows 10 international artists reflecting onthe history of acountry healing from war. In collaboration with the local community, this new generation of creatives discover the human stories of Ferizaj.

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“The Haretoise” & “The Ladybug” by AlfAlfA in Alberta and Quebec, Canada

Street artist AlfAlfAl recently just finished a series of murals across Canada. His artworks usually showcases animal-human hybrids, using a collage style to create otherworldly, mythical beings.

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His mural entitled “The Haretoise” located at Calgary, Alberta is an invitation to find your... | Read More

“Reckless Actions Effects” by Gola Hundun in Bellaria-Igea Marina, Italy

“Reckless actions effects” opens up to a new project by Gola Hundun located in Bellaria-Igea Marina (Italy). The mural is just completed and it is part of multiple actions which will take place in the next months thanks to the City Hall and VerdeBlu Foundation.

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The project is conceived to be a series of thoughts about human beings... | Read More

Artist Interview: TIDE

TIDE is an emerging name in the art scene both in Japan and internationally. Since 2009, his palette consisted mostly of monochrome colours. Recently, TIDE had his first solo exhibition ‘DEBUT’ (2020) in Harajuku, Japan.

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While his cat-inspired work has been gaining increasing popularity in the international art scene, I had the chance to interview... | Read More

Shepard Fairey “AK-47 Lotus” & “AR-15 Lily” Print Release – January 7th

American contemporary street artist Shepard Fairey will be releasing a new print edition entitled “AK-47 Lotus” & “AR-15 Lily” this January 7th.

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“These images are inspired by Vietnam War protesters who would put flowers in the gun barrels of the National Guard who were brought in to suppress their protests for peace. I’m a pacifist,... | Read More

New mural by Ludo in Paris, France

Streetartist Ludo just sent us some images of one of his newest works for 2021 he just unveiled somewhere on the streets of Paris, France.

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The mural features a skull warped into a pineaaple, with a nose similar to Pinocchio’s. The artwork shows an exchange of words below “2021?” “Everything’s gonna be... | Read More

Ludo in Paris, France

Ludo just worked on a series of new pieces located on the busy streets of his hometown Paris in France. Working primarily with grey scale and green, the French artist brought to life some large and impressive artworks.

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Ludo fuses imagery of plants, insects, skulls, and human technology to create “a new order of hybrid organisms.” In protest of... | Read More

“GATES” Light Installation by Marina Zumi in Ostend, Belgium

“GATES” is the latest site specific light installation by Argentinian native and Berlin based artist Marina Zumi. This geometric sculptural path, was presented in Oostende, Belgium for The Crystal Ship by Night, curated by All About Things, a local initiative that brought public art installations to be enjoy from the afternoon till night before the curfew in an ephemeral... | Read More

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