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Claudio Ethos creates two new murals for a social project in Brazil

Our good friend Claudio Ethos has just sent us some images of his two new murals in Brazil.

The mural above has been painted in Osasco distric in Sao Paulo. It is for a non profit institution where they operate in this favela area, where crime rate is very high, so the institutions give the locals free classes of sports, arts and healthcare. Claudio was being inspired by people who... | Read More

Deih and Emilio Cerezo collaborate for CITRIC festival in Torreblanca, Spain

Deih has just came back from Torreblanca (Castellón) Spain where he has collaborated with Emilio Cerezo for a project called CITRIC festival. This festival is organized by Xèlon and HombreLópez, The philosophy of the festival was that all of the interventions are done by two artists painting together in a new combination to mix their skills and personal worlds to create new pieces during... | Read More

“Brighter Days Are Coming” by Sepe in Saint Petersburg / Russia

Invited by Urban Nation Berlin, Goethe Institute, and Street Art Museum Saint Petersburg, Sepe was recently in Saint Petersburg, contributing to the 100th anniversary of October Revolution in Russia. During his stay Polish artist painted this provocative large acrylic piece on wooden panel as his take on a famous work by Ilja Riepin titled „Kurskaya Korennaya”.

Painted on a... | Read More

“I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” by Ludo in Paris

Ludo is back on the streets of Paris where he has just finished a new piece called “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs”. Once more, French artist has taken inspiration from nature and animals to create a new hybrid-mutant mural, this is another great piece of work by Ludo.

Take a look below for a few more images while we wait to hear more from Ludo in the coming... | Read More

“Protégeme” by Bosoletti in Valencia, Spain

Our good friend Francisco Bosoletti has just send in some images of his most recent work in Valencia, Spain called “Protégeme”. Artist said that at the moment he is very focused on his work with negative paintings. This concept starts on the street, to talk about different realities that exist but we do not see, the things that are at first sight but we only see the... | Read More

Luca Ledda creates two murals in the city of Vitoria (Espirito Santo), Brazil

Turin based artist Luca Ledda has just sent in us some pictures of his two walls he did for the project called “Latinta Mural”, it’s an art residency developed inside the favelas of ” Serra Dourada” and “Inhanguetà” in the city of Vitoria (Espirito Santo), Brazil.Artist said that the goal of the project is to involve the people of the district to... | Read More

Etnik creates a three episode mural in Campobasso, Italy

Our good friend Etnik has just painted another mural in Italy, only this time it was in Campobasso. It was painted for “Draw the line” festival, and these three “episodes” on the same wall are about the access of advertising boards in the city. What is has written over these episodes is “Money Control your Dreams”.

Take a look below for more... | Read More

“Throwing leaves against machines” by Vegan Flava in Sweden

Swedish artist Vegan Flava just sent us some images fro his newest piece which was just completed somewhere in Sweden.

Entitled “”Throwing leaves against machines”, Vegan Flava painted this out of his deep dissapointment of humanbeigns. How nature is used as an never ending resource. He looks at his kids and get really worried, thinking about what the adult... | Read More

Recap: Project „Flickenteppich” in Sofia, Bulgaria

A team of eight German artists travelled to the capital of Bulgaria to work on a project called “Flickenteppich” to meet and collaborate with the local artists. This tour was kindly supported by Goethe Institut Bulgaria, where the artists painted along with some other locations in the capital.If you literally translate „Flickenteppich“ means rag rug, it references to the... | Read More

“Floating Napa” by Cinta Vidal in Napa Valley, California

Cinta Vidal recently finished a rad new wall located on the streets of Napa in California for the RAD Napa Street Art project curated by Thinkspace Gallery and sponsored by The Napa Valley Wine Train.

Barcelona-based artist and illustrator Cinta Vidal Agulló defies gravity and architectural conventions to create encapsulated scenes of intersecting perspectives. Painted with acrylic... | Read More

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