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Murals in medieval town of Civitacampomarano, Italy by Gola Hundun

Recently Gola Hundun visited Civitacampomarano, almost abandoned town in the heart of Molise region in Italy to paint countless murals all over it. Civitacampomarano is populated by only 400 people, and it is an amazing medieval town where it looks like the time stopped during the 70s. Recently the town was bitten by an unexpected landslide which was generated by extreme climate during the... | Read More

Brandalism & Medicom Toy’s unveil three Banksy Collaborations

Two years ago, UK anti-advertising output Brandalism and Medicom Toy joined forces to create a special toy collaboration that featured Banksy‘s “Flower Bomber” produced as a vinyl toy. Flash forward to 2017, and the two just unveiled a series of new collaborations that are inspired by three pieces created by the British Graffiti artist.

“Bomb Hugger”,... | Read More

Dirty Artworks by Nikita Golubev in Moscow, Russia

In his Moscow’s neighborhood, Russian artist Nikita Golubev aka Pro Boy Nick uses dirt found on trucks and vans to draw with his fingers ephemeral artworks.

The spectacular results is clearly reminding us of the reverse graffiti technic. Seeing those dirty pieces, only rain will be able to erase these temporary artworks. The owners love them so much that they now refuse to wash... | Read More

“PA_1277, 1278 & 1279” By Invader In Paris

Once again, the one and only Mr Space Invader unveiled a series of brand new urban invasions on the streets of his hometown, Paris in France!

For Space Invader, the liberation of art goes beyond the confines of gallery walls. Taking a step further, he brings the video game Space Invaders into our physical world, materialises the 8-bit pixelated alien character into ceramic tiles, and... | Read More

Coverage: Richard Hambleton “Street Realism”, Soho, NYC

Before there was Banksy, or Blek La Rat, or Dan Witz, or Ron English there was Richard Hambleton the god father of street art.  Hambleton who is best known for his “Shadowman” images that were painted all over New York City in the 1980’s is back with a career spanning exhibition.  Although Hambleton ran in the same circles as such legends as Keith Haring & Jean-Michel... | Read More

Claudio Ethos creates four murals in Caera and Beirut

Claudio Ethos is a renowned Brazilian street artist from Sao Paulo, widely known for his impressive large scale murals, highly distinctive for their great detail and captivating surrealist imagery. While we haven’t heard much from Claudio in a while, he has recently unveiled that he has painted 4 murals for two different festivals, on the other sides of the globe – large wall (as... | Read More

Chzz in Pryluky, Ukraine

Ukrainian artist Chzz just sent us some images from his latest mural which is located in the small town of Pryluky in Ukraine.

The piece was created at a technical children’s school, they create in ships, aero-models, cars and a lot of  interesting projects. His main idea was to show in parallel a technical and fantasy world. He painted a landscape with three robots and a... | Read More

Interview: Penny

British stencil artist Penny is known for his super tiny and intricate works on anything from currency  to items as small as a postage stamp.  Penny is constantly pushing himself to create stencil works that are not only beautiful, but convey a message.  Currently showing his work with Plastic Jesus at Krause Gallery in New York City Penny took some time out of his crazy... | Read More

Kenny Scharf’s latest mural at Hiromi Paper in Culver City, CA

Kenny Scharf is well known right back from 1980s where he shown his prominence as a New York artist. Kenny has not excluded himself from commercial collaborations and merchandising, and working as a public domain has expanded his reach as an artist. All over the years, he has has shown his multidisciplinary in clothing design, installations, sculpture, and video as well as painting—on... | Read More

Recap: Nuart Aberdeen

Easter Weekend marked the official opening of the inaugural Nuart Aberdeen event. After successfully beautifying the streets of Stavanger in Norway for over 15 years now, the organizers partnered with Aberdeen Inspired and Aberdeen City Council in order to bring their vision to the streets of Granite City.

The 1st edition of the event produced a series of site-specific murals,... | Read More

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