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Gina Kiel in Whangarei, New Zealand

Another rad new piece coming straight from New Zealand with Wellington-based artist Gina Kiel which just completed this large mural on the streets of Whangarei.

Gina’s piece is about opening up, sharing our internal colours as peaceful communication to foster connection with one another. “Tuia te muka Tangata” is to weave the threads of humanity, the theme and... | Read More

Nuno Viegas in Leiden, The Netherlands

Nuno Viegas just sent us some images from his latest mural which was just completed somewhere on the streets of Leiden in Netherlands.

Nuno Viegas, also known as Metis, is a Portuguese artist which presents us a contrast between the visually aggressive and sometimes dirty reality of the graffiti subworld and his peaceful and clean representation in his works. The approach to this theme... | Read More

“Selenaia” by Fin Day in Whangārei, New Zealand

Our travelling Irish friend Fin Dac has just been in Whangārei in the north of New Zealand for the latest Street Prints Festival ‘Street Prints Manaia.

Working to a theme of ‘Weaving the Threads of Humanity’ Fin chose to depict a model/muse of dual ethnicity/heritage: Maori and Filipino.

The ‘spilt’ image shows traditional clothing from both sides as well as specific... | Read More

Adele Renault in New Delhi, India

Belgian artist Adele Renault just spent some time in India where she was in town for the latest edition of the St.Art India Festival.

Painting on the streets of New Delhi, Adele brought to life some of her signature imagery with these two giants pigeon.

The artist is fascinated by the inconspicuous beauty of every day objects and subjects. She observes closely those and that not... | Read More

INTI unveils several new murals in South America

After some time painting walls outside South America, and in search of a return to his roots in America, INTI has created a series of 4 murals in 4 countries throughout Latin America. A trip looking to portray and learn from the small-profound details of cultural diversity. Confronting issues such as; the environmental impact caused by the exploitation of natural resources, and how the... | Read More

“Year Of The Pig” by BK Foxx in Chinatown, New York City

BK Foxx just sent us some images from her latest artwork which just spawned on the streets of New York City, USA.

Painting in Chinatown, the American artist brought to life a beautiful new piece celebrating the “Year Of The Pig” in correlation with the Chinese New Year.

The piece was made with the support of East Village Walls.

Take a look below for more images... | Read More

METAORDINARIO solo show by Alberto Porro at Varsi, Rome

Galleria Varsi based in Rome, Italy, was founded in 2013 by Massimo Scrocca to explore artistic expressions related to Urban Art, to create solo and collective indoor exhibitions and to promote Public Art in Rome. It has become within a few years a point of reference for artists, street art lovers and collectors of urban art at a national and international level.

We always find in the... | Read More

Okuda installs the world’s northernmost sculpture in Yakustk, Russia

As part of the project, curated by the National Art Museum of the Republic of Sakha, the northernmost sculpture of the famous Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel was installed on the embankment of Sajsary Lake in Yakutsk, complementing the urban improvement program.

The artwork made as part of the public art program 5th International Contemporary Art Biennale in Yakutsk BY-18,... | Read More

BiP on Ice Cream Truck in Oakland

BiP — or “Believe in People” — recently stopped by Oakland in California where he spent a few hours working on a new artwork.

Painting on an unusual canvas with this Ice Cream truck. the artist created some of his signature hyper-realistic imagery which will surely be enjoyed by the locals for months to come.

Take a look below for more images and then stay tuned... | Read More

“Radio Liberty” by Marina Capdevila in Spain

Our friend Marina Capedevila, recently spent some time in Spain where she unveiled this large rooftop piece entitled “Radio Liberty”.

Painting on the streets of Pals, a small town in Northern Spain, the artist spent several days on the roof of an abandoned radio station. The station was created during the Cold War by Americans as an anti-communist propaganda source to the... | Read More

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